Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dance in your underwear

Well today I had class. I am currently taking two courses on campus and four online. YES. Six classes in total. Am I crazy? Um yes I think I just might be. Anyways. One of my on campus classes is Latin Dance. I needed to take an art class. And I cannot draw or paint or sketch for shit. Thus the dance class. Its actually kind of fun though. On the downside, it made my realize how out of shape I am. I have to stretch and I am not as bendy as I used to be. Also you have to deal with dancing with everyone in the class. This includes the people who smell and who have sweaty hands. Other than that learning the salsa and all the other Latin dances is actually fun.

Taking this dance class makes me want to get into shape or to at the very least take more dance classes. I would love to learn to line dance or to take a zumba class. The only thing that sucks, is I feel like there's nothing close to where I live, and sometimes I'm to lazy to drive somewhere to work out. I would love to have an elliptical machine at my house. I think when yard sale season starts up again, I'll go on the hunt.

But since I started this semester with a nutrition course which means eating better and a dance class which means more exercise, it makes me want to be healthier. Maybe I can buy a work out video. Any one have one they recommend? I especially like stuff that involves dancing.

I am also pissed that its still "winter break" for most of my television shows. It makes me very bored. But alas, I should get back to homework anyways. So goodnight. 

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