Biography of a 23 year old Rambler

My names Brittany
Devlin, BDev, B-Ritt, and Britt are accepted
I am sister to Danielle, whom I love with all my heart, and whom I would do anything for
I have a history of having awful things happen to me on my birthday
My birthday is March 14th
& I'm 23
I am still  going to college for Management & Psychology online mostly
slowly chipping away, eh I'll get there eventually. College = major debt $$$
I graduated from a catholic high school (which my parents forced me to go to)
I loved middle school, I Miss RMS like crazy
I used to be a hard score soccer player, I used it as an outlet to take out my aggressions
I miss it a lot, but I'm not in the shape I used to be, I honestly should probably start working out again
I'm a little fire cracker measuring in at just 5 feet tall
I actually don't mind being short, I kind of prefer it that way, it def has it advantages
I like to change the color of my hair, Im naturally a brunette with some blonde natural highlights
But most of the time I am a blonde with brunette low lights and I usually have some purple thrown in for some fun
Brown eyes hypnotize =)
I love love love
♥ Chocolate covered strawberries
♥ Walks on the beach
♥ Roller Coasters
♥ Music / Lyrics
And Reading my Kindle
I prefer in-person to the phone
I rather talk on the phone than online
I like old fashion gentleman
I adore dancing in the rain
Summer is my favorite ♥
I am a bitch get used to it
I Love my friends
Being Crazy & acting stupid makes me =)
Im deathly afraid of:
* snakes
* needles
* being alone
* ending up like my parents
* & not accomplishing my goals
Girls nights are a must every once and in a while, I think they help us keep our sanity
Singing into a brush is fun boys get over it
Dancing makes me happy and I don't care what I look like when I dance, I'm having fun
Boys are a weakness : /
I like singing but im horrible but that doesn't stop me from belting it out
I hate people who lie
I want everyone to be .. happy ..
I have the worst luck ever
I am a pain in the ass and I know it
I'm afriad to go after things I want but I am trying to fix that
Dumb blonde refers to me
I am Oblivious & Ignorant to life
I have a hard time ..
.. Trustting people ..
.. Opening up ..
.. Moving on ..
I tend to dwell on the past
Green is my favorite color
18 has and always will be my number
Texas Road House has the best ribs no contest
I .. hate .. when the radio over plays songs
I can change the oil on a car
Sheet rocking is a skill I have mastered
Cars rock and I dont care if Im a girl, but I prefer the old muscle cars
Courtney turned me into an emotional eater and I don't hate it
I adore cuddling & kissing tha'ts the way to my heart
I'm extremely competitive
Like over the top, I hate to loose
I play fantasy football and last year I got 1st place, and most points =)
When I lose I hate it Im a sore sport
I dont admit when Im wrong I hate being wrong
Arguing is what I live for
I love getting into debates, and trying to prove my point
When I was little I always wanted to be a lawyer
.. Ice Coffee .. is my Lifeee and I drink it even in the winter
I like to party its college its life
♥ Black & white ♥
I heart football the Pats rock my world and I might be obsessed
Black & Yellow covers my bedroom Boston Bruins have a place in my heart
IM a BOSTON girl like it or dont
I like laughing with my friends till i cry
Id die without my Kindle
Paris & London are amazing everyone should go
I love traveling and I cannot wait till I can afford to go travel Europe more
I eat icecream more than anyone i know :)
Ill pretty much try .. anything .. once
Riding quads is amazing
Im a good shoulder to cry on
Im overly obsessed with tv shows LOST, Harper's Island, Survivor, BONES, House, OTH, Amazing Race, big brother, greys, vampire diaries, gossip girl, game of thrones, pretty little liars, ect.
Six Flags & Water Country make me Estatic
I believe in love at first sight ,and your first true love never really ends
Life is short give people second chances
I love to sleep in late
I'm a night person def. not a morning person
I really like making out ;) just to put that out there
Tanning is very addicting
I tend to make bad decisions
I get myself into the .. worst .. situations
I am very unique when it comes to my choices
I fuck up alotta things
Most of my love life is bad
Going for playas Always breaks my heart but I tend to go for the bad boys anyways
Telling people how I truly feel is extremely hard esp face to face
I don't speak up when I actually care about something
And the rest of the time I don't shut up
I try to fix everyone else problems
My .. weakness .. is caring too much
At times Im too much of a good girl
I think about consequences
I'm relationship type of girl
I love to flirt by play fighting/ arguing
I don't like being alone
I'm not used to being single and it scares me when I am
I get screwed over a lot esp by people who are close to me
I believe in karma, what u give u get back
I dream way to much for my own good
Setting my expectations way to high is something I do
Stress is something I get used to, I'm overloaded with it
Nothing , ever comes simple to me
Things are always complicated
I work at a sports bar as a waitress while going to college
I wish I still had my old step side truck, I really love an old truck
I don't get why people are so fake
The world would be better off if everyone just said how they felt
I forgive people way to much
I cant hold a grudge for that long
Being mean to people is something I don't like doing
I am very sympathetic
I cant express my emotions
When I'm sad I usually read or write
I have a fat cat named Dunkin whom I adore
And I have a boyfriend named Adam whom I love
I am a Pisces so I am a dreamer by nature 
I tend to try to escape into a relm of fantasy
Reality isn't really my place
I always feel like I was born in the wrong era or dimension
I think that is way I read so much
I like to lose myself in between the pages
And then I might become obsessive over the characters
I love YA books even though I am prob tech over age for them but I dont care
I also kinda enjoy smut books every once in a while to break things up
They are easy to read and they get you thinking
I honestly believe you can never underestimate the power of a good cry

That is basically me in a nut shell
Any questions .... ask

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