Monday, October 21, 2013

Miss You.

So, I know I haven't written in a long time. BUT. Its because work and school have been occupying my time. I have kept reading and I have also started writing more because of my creative writing class. I will post a list soon of all the books I've read the last two months. Its honest probably like 40 something books. YES. I know I have a problem. Anyways, If your really into what I read, go look me up on GoodReads, I tend to keep my currently read books more updated on there than I do on here. Anyways I thought maybe I'd post something I wrote for my creative writing class. I've been missing my two grandparents that both passed away earlier this year so when I got this assignment I chose to write about when I found out my Grandpa had terminal cancer. I'm pretty proud of this piece and its completely original.  All Feedback if Welcome.

Try This 6.5 page 180
Recall an experience that changed you. Write about it with one of the traditional openings of a story…
-Once upon a time
-Long ago and far away
-In the beginning
-Let me tell you a story
-It all began

            In the beginning there was fear. A fear so strong it paralyzed me. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and couldn’t cry. I couldn’t even form coherent thoughts because of the terror that consumed me. I was taking completely off guard. One minute I was cheering on the Bruins at a playoff game, the next minute I got that phone call, and everything froze.  The other emotions in me were frozen, and only fear was present. I felt a cold sweat quickly making its way up my back and goose bumps spreading up and down my arms. This was far worse than being punched in the gut or having the wind knocked out of you, this was like someone was taking away your air indefinitely and you being to shocked to even try to stop them. I knew the crowd around me was yelling, I saw people shouting and cheering, yet to me all I heard was silence. It was like everything around me stopped, even my vision was blurring around the edges. Someone walking in the row behind me sloshed beer onto my head and it forcefully snapped me back into reality. My hands were shaken and I struggled to control my breathing. I managed to glance up at the jumbo screen and notice there was four minutes left in the period. Four. I used to like the number four, but now I despise it. Four. Stage four.
In the beginning there was anger. Stage four cancer! How could this have happened? I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, at god, at my dad, at the doctors, at anyone who crossed my path. My dad had called and given me that death sentence over the god damn telephone! Rage, wasn’t a strong enough word for how I was feeling. I wanted to hit someone and cause them harm. News like that shouldn’t be delivered while at a sporting event or over the phone. My hands clenched into fist, I could feel my blood starting to boil. How could doctors have missed that? Do people really go from being in tip top shape one day and the next day having stage four cancer? I wanted to tear everything apart because in my heart I knew the answer was NO. The doctors had to have messed up. I wanted people to hurt, I wanted people to suffer. Why does God make good people suffer? I wanted to fly into the sky and give him a piece of my mind. I wanted to turn my back on everything I believed in and continue down a war path of rage and destruction. I was so angry I didn’t even realize I was being towed along, back to my car in the parking garage. I knew I was to mad to drive, but I was the  damn designated driver. That new realization enraged me even more, after news like that I needed a drink, a very strong drink. But no! I had to be the flipping good guy! I had to open my damn big mouth and volunteer to drive! So I got into the car. I knew I hadn’t said a word to my two friends since I answered that phone call, and I knew they were worried, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything out loud. Saying it out loud made it too real.
In the beginning there was denial. If I didn’t tell them, if I didn’t say it out loud maybe it would go away. I remember thinking: “Maybe this isn’t even real, that’s got to be it, I had to be dreaming. Or better yet, the doctors got it wrong. Test results got messed up all the time, right? False positive, or whatever all that means. This all has got to just be a big awful mistake”. I realized I was merging onto the freeway and manage to shift my attention to my driving for the next thirty minutes. For the next thirty minutes I turned on my radio so loud, you would have thought your ear drums were going to burst. I needed to focus my thoughts onto something else, because if I could ignore them, the whole thing would go away. I just wanted to forget everything. As I was pulling into my driveway a song came on the radio about cancer. It brought everything that I had been forcing down, right back up to the surface. “There’s got to be something we can do right? We can fight it, right”? That was what I kept telling myself.
In the beginning there was hope. I remember hoping for a miracle. Those things happen sometimes, why not for my grandpa. I hoped for a drug, for a procedure, for a cure. I hoped for him to not be afraid. I hoped he wouldn’t be in pain. As the months went by I hoped he had made peace. I hoped he had time. I remember hoping the treatments would help. I remember hoping he wouldn’t be in pain when they didn’t. I hoped he would have more quality to his remaining life than quantity. I hoped I would be strong enough to help him through this. I hoped I would be able to hold things together for my nana, his wife of over fifty years. I hoped that she would be able to live through this and be okay.  After a few months I hoped I would make it there in time. I flew on a plane to Florida to hold his hand until the end came. When I saw him when I first arrived, I hoped that he had a good life. I hoped that he was proud of the person I had become. I hoped he would recognize me and know who I was. By some small miracle, he said my name, and I rushed over to give him a hug and a kiss. I remember hoping that I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I hoped that when he did pass, that our deceased family members would be there to greet him, especially his son Chris. The hope that he would see Chris again, gave me a feeling that maybe things would be okay again, one day. I looked at my grandpa in his bed, he had fallen asleep from being so tired, and I was grateful because the first tear started to leak out and I knew there was no stopping what was coming.
In the end there was heartache. I walked out of his room, and out back onto the patio. I walked as far as the screen would let me and sat down on the concrete ground and cried. I felt my heart swell up and crack into a million tiny bits. I didn’t have the energy or the will to try and be quiet, or to hide my grief. I had tried to be strong and hold it in for too long and now the dam was cracked and everything was spilling out. I felt cold, even though the Florida air was humid. I felt alone, I felt helpless, and I felt broken. There were so many things I was supposed to do with him that now would never happen. He was supposed to be at my wedding, we were supposed to take a trip to all the WWII sites. My grandpa, the one who photographed my whole childhood would be gone. I cried over the loss of being robbed of all that. I cried over things that I knew would never happen. I thought of my childhood and cried about how great of a person he was. I thought about all the things he had done for people over the years. I thought of how many people admired and cared about him. He showed up to every single soccer game, without me even telling him I was playing, how did he do it? He always knew. Even when I was older, he still showed up and continued to support me. All of these memories and realizations made me cry even harder. I knew I had his unconditional love, no matter what I did, and that brought a whole new feeling of misery.
In the end there was regret. Every time I thought I was all cried out, I would think of something else and start all over again. All the things I wished I had done better invaded my mind. I wished I spent more time with him. I wished I came that Christmas they invited me. I wished I learned to play golf like he wanted. I wished I called him more. I would have traded anything in that moment to go back and do the things I knew he wanted. I knew, none of it mattered to him, but knowing that he would be gone and I could never fix my mistakes, left me feeling like a failure. I wanted so badly for him to see me succeed, like he always wanted me to. I knew he wouldn’t want me to act like this, and that realization allowed me to calm down enough to stop the tears. I slowly picked myself up and tried to pull myself together for my grandpa.
In the end there was booze. Over the next three weeks I tried to be strong enough for my nana, dad, and myself. I watched one of my favorite people slowly deteriorate into nothing. I sat in anguish and watched him get worse by the hour. Those three weeks were the longest yet, of my existence. We tried to make a rotation so he was never alone, but it took its toll on all three of us mentally. So we drank. I am not condoning our behavior, but sometimes when the sorrow got to be too strong, it was needed. We needed something to help us hold ourselves together and then allow us to fall apart. The booze helped us feel those emotions that we were trying to suppress. The booze helped us get things out. It wasn’t much but we grasped at it. On a bad day my nana and I would sit and split a bottle of wine, but those two glasses helped more than anyone could ever know.
In the end there was acceptance. In his last days I found myself wishing that he would pass quickly and peacefully. It was at the point, where he was comatose and I knew that the grandpa I knew and loved was already gone. I knew he was better off in heaven. He was so tired of trying to fight and I think he only fought so hard because of us. I didn’t want him in pain anymore. I didn’t want him to worry about us. I wanted what was best for him, despite my own personal feelings for him to stay. I accepted that I couldn’t go back in time and change anything. I accepted that he loved me and that I would always love him. I knew he would never be coming back. I accepted that I can’t control everything. I accepted that we shouldn’t take things or people for granted. I accepted that I had to say goodbye. Events like that make you realize how quickly things can change. I accepted that at any moment everything could come crashing down. I accepted that I should live my life to the fullest each and every day because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. I know now that time sometimes is limited. When I finally allowed myself to come to these conclusions I felt better. I was able to say goodbye to my grandpa and not feel like I was going to die. I wanted to make the most of my life, for him. I allowed myself to mourn at his wake and funeral, but after that I wanted to make him proud. In the beginning I thought my world was going to end, but at the end I knew it had really just begun.

Yeah so that's all for now. Gotta go do MORE homework. Joy.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Apologize.

My intent was to post every couple of days. I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. But my life has been crazy hectic and I just haven't had the time. I have Wednesday off this week and I plan on sitting down and catching everyone up. So do not fret =) ... Welp, I got to run and go do Creative Writing and Accounting homework while watching the Football game and keeping an eye on my fantasy score. Ugh. I miss summer already.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Everything Happens @ Once.

Wicked. Wicked. Busy.

Ekkk! I have been all over the place the last so many days. I have completed 3 out of 5 of my fantasy football drafts. They went okay. Two of them took foreverrrrrr, and if you've done a draft before you know how frustrating this can be. The two I have left are probably the most important ones because one is my family draft. We all know family are some of the worst and best people to compete against. Can you say bragging rights? I have to redeem myself because last year, my whole team decided to get injured, which is turn ruined my fantasy season. So you can say I have a lot to prove this year. And the other draft I have is my work draft. Which consist of my bosses, co workers, and the regulars who frequent the sports bar that I work at. I won this league last year, but this year we have some new people and a new commissioner. I have to defend my title, which is a good amount of pressure to say the least. No one has won back to back years, but I intend to be the first. I'd like to mention the fact that I am also the lone female in this league. Now I have never done this many leagues at once before, so it is going to be quite the challenge for me this year. Hopefully, I can win all my money back and it will all be worth it. I am way to competitive, maybe I should learn to say no, or not care as much? But I can't. I feel the need, the addiction, the compulsion to compete and win. I'm sure the fact that: I grew up living with my dad, watching him play fantasy football every Sunday with him teaching me the ropes, didn't help my obsession. All this researching players, and going to drafts has really consumed my time this week. 

I have the worst luck ever when it comes to cars. I just got my car back from the garage, recently and knew I had a few things wrong with it. Then the other day I wake up to go run errands, and lone behold, there is a giant crack on my wind shield. COME ON. I just can't catch a break. Now most people have this covered by their insurance. So I call mine, and of course it is not covered. UGH! I called a couple places to get some quotes and apparently, my kind of car, Hyundai, is a pain to put in a new wind shield, so its one of the most expensive to fix.  Like seriously? So I am looking at over 200$ for a stupid piece of glass. You can say I am not to happy. So I have been picking up as many shifts at work as possible to try to make the extra cash to fix this.

School also starts next week which means I have to pay for my text books, I went online to check to see how much this tab was going to run me this semester and OMG its going to be like 800$. This is on top of my tuition. Apparently I should write text books because they are so flipping expensive.  So to say I have a lot of expenses this month is an understatement. And of course I haven't been able to pick up as many shifts as I need because everyone else is low on money as well.

On top of all that jazz, I've had doctors appointments. I have Eczema. Which is a skin issue that is extremely itchy. I had to go for a psychical just so I could get a referral to go to the dermatologist.  It is all time consuming and a pain in the ass. But I just cannot take the itching and the pain anymore. It is driving me insane.

Then since the summer is on its last leg, it means many of my television shows are wrapping up for the season so I have been trying to catch up and watch everything and watch the finales. Now I know many of my shows are stupid and many people must think they are not important but to me they're a guilty pleasure. Big Brother. Pretty Little Liars. Master Chef. Under the Dome. ect.

So that is why I haven't been on here much as of late. I have been pulled in every which direction. I have done some reading, not as much as I would like. But I just haven't had time to come on here and mention it. so I guess I should probably update everything now. This day off, is going to consist of a lot of catching up on the computer. Blogging, checking emails, updating status's ect.

Finally to get to the books.

Last time I mentioned how I started the Brie After Graduation Series by Red Phoenix. Well I finished up to what is published. I am addicted. I love them. They are quick short reads, but man oh man do they pack a punch. Like I said before, there isn't much I can say on here that isn't for the eyes and ears of the 18+ crowd. But I will say this: they get your blood pumping. You quite possibly could get off just reading them. Not to mention, you can pull some erotic ideas to use in your sex life from this series. I enjoyed them so much I decided to go back and read the first series about Brie. Which you can buy in one book instead of nine separate. It is titled Brie Learns the Art of Submission. One of the reasons I enjoy these is because they are put into short stories where, it makes it easy to stop and start reading them. I am currently on story 2 in this book.

I am about half way through Ethereal Knights from Addison Moore, which I love but its hard for me to get through because I already know what happens. Yes I love the fact that it is from Logan and Gage's point of view instead of Skyla. But the only negative thing is, I have so many books I am trying to rush through, that this book is tending to get put on the back burner.

I did however start and finish The Solitude of Passion by Addison Moore. This book and I have a love/ hate relationship. I loved the book, then I hated the book, then I loved it again. It was back and forth and back and forth. It demands that you keep reading it. It demands that you choose a side. Over all I would recommend it because its different. I feel like you can easily place yourself in the situation, and it is easy to feel sympathy for the characters. Its not your average book. There are twist and turns. It really makes you emotional. I found myself, just as upset or as mad as the characters. Very well thought out.

I am still working on Enduring Light from Alyssa Rose Ivy, Fight or Flight by Jamie Canosa, the Percy Jackson series, The Binding, and The Mortal Instruments series.

Lastly, I decided to RE-READ Defiance by C.J. Redwine because the new book came out and I read the first one so long ago I feel as though I might forget some major details. I also am going to RE-READ The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson for the same reasons. I am excited for these two new books so I am hoping I can get through these re-reads quickly.

And all of this together makes for one very very busy Brittany.

Is anyone else feeling the pressure of the end of summer?!?!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Get up for the Let Down

I cannot believe how bad My New England Patriots did last night in their pre-season game versus the Lions. It was pitiful. I legit watched half the game and was like forget this crap, and started reading my books. (Of course I still had the game on the television.) I mean, I know they usually have one awful game in the preseason or the start of the season, so I guess its good that they got it out of their system, but it was awful to watch. They basically got their asses handed to them. I still have faith though. I am sure they will get their butts kicked in practice this week and fix everything that went wrong in the game last night.

On a better note I got a good amount of reading done yesterday. I started reading the Brie After Graduation Series by Red Phoenix, (which I think is the second series, I think there is one before this, at the training center, but the graduation book one was free so I am starting there). The books are great but def. for ages 18+, and not for the overly sensitive. I read the first two so far and I am currently on the third book which is called Brie's Russian Fantasy. I'm not going to say to much about these book on here, because I don't want to offend any one. I know these kinds of books are not for everyone and can be cause for a hot topic debate. But I enjoy them and feel as though they are at the very least worth being mentioned in my blog.

I also finished the fourth book in the Immortal Instruments Series, The City of Fallen Angels. I know people might hate me for saying this, but this is the first book that I felt let down. It is my least favorite by far. I felt like not much happens in this book until the last few chapters, and I struggled to make myself read the first three quarters of the book. Maybe its because I loved the other books so much that I set my expectations to high? I mean there is usually one book in every series that I like way less than all the others, so I am hoping that this is the case here.I am going to keep reading the series in hopes that the books do not start to decline.

Two words, Ethereal Knights. I guess I missed that Addison Moore put out a book from Logan and Gage's perspective. I just started it, only a few chapters in but it is just as GREAT as I expected it to be! =)  I am also still working on the Percy Jackson and Velesi Trilogy books. As well as Enduring light. Just keeping you all updated!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

"You could say I'm a Dreamer.... But I'm not the only one" (JL)

I may or may not have a problem. The first step is always admitting it right? Well I kind of, sort of, stayed up until 6am finishing City of Glass. What is wrong with me? Have you ever been so drawn into a story that time passes without you noticing? One minute I was in a mystical place inside my book, then the next I was thirsty and went to take a sip of water, realizing I was in my room and was like "Oh jeeze its light outside, oh man birds are singing. damn what time is it, oh shit its 530am, I better hurry up an finish this book". HA I have issues. I'd like to sit here and tell you that this is a rare occurrence for me, but if I'm going to be honest, and I have no reason not to be, its not. It happens way more frequently than I should probably admit. I would like to blame my Pisces side and say its because of my dreamer mentality. I'd like to say that I have no choice in the matter and that I am cosmically bound to have my head in the clouds and to disappear into fantasy worlds. If any of you are a Pisces I am sure you can relate!
 Here I can prove it to you all, here are just a few quotes from websites about Pisces:

"Women born under the Zodiac Sign Pisces, the Sign of the subconscious mind, are mystical, imaginative, and need a regular outlet for their tremendous creativity."

"These women have an inclination for painting, performing arts, writing or various other creative pursuits. They works are often an extension of their personalities, reflecting how they are insides and what they might be going through emotionally at that point in time."

"Represented by a pair of Fish, the Pisces are spiritual, selfless and focused on the soul’s journey towards salvation. But, so caught up they are in their perfect, idealistic worlds that at times, they may have a tough time distinguishing the fact from fantasy."

"These women are quite impractical and indecisive, and in most likelihood, feel uneasy while dealing with the real world. In order to avoid pain and heartache, they would simply avoid confrontation and bitter arguments. Run away or just go with the flow – either of the two is their way dealing with the problems, on most occasions."

To learn more about Pisces 

So see I told you its not entirely my fault. I was born this way. I can't help but loose myself into a fantasy land. Even if I am nocturnal, maybe that's not my fault either?  Anyways, I am still in love with the Immortal Instrument Series! They just keep getting better and better! I don't want to go into to much detail in case some of you plan on reading it but WOW. I of course, am going to start the next book today which is titled The City of Fallen Angels. I am beyond excited!

Also I feel that I have to mention that yesterday I made some homemade sangria, which I am wicked pumped about. (And before you say anything, YES I said WICKED, I am from Mass and we used this word frequently, so get over it.) The white sangria has and will be sitting in my fridge with fresh fruit in it for 48 before my friend and I drink it all Friday night. I do admit I had to taste test it today just to make sure it was good, and OMG it is delish! I am going to have to be careful because it taste so good, but I know for a fact that two glasses will get me a buzz. Wine with liquor kind of all hits me at once. Not in a bad way though ;)

Well then. I feel like I should get back to reading the 10 or so books that I have, considering it is my day off.  Laters!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gage Oliver

Gage Oliver

From: Addison Moore's Celestra Series

Blood type: 

Age: depends on which book but 18

Occupation: High School Student, helps dad in mortuary

Lives: On the Island of Paragon

Looks: Gorgeous baby blue eyes. Amazing body. Nice abs, chest, and arms. Dark hair.

Status: In Love with Skyla

Family: Mother is Emma. Father is Dr. Oliver. Uncle is Logan. Has a dog.

Fun powers: He can teleport you anywhere he can picture. Super speed and strength. Gets visions from the future


Fun Facts:Had a vision he was going to marry Skyla, so he waited for her (as in didn't swipe his V card). Plays on the football team. Sensitive, writes poetry. Smart.

If you think I left anything out that you would like added here LET ME KNOW!

Logan Oliver

Logan Oliver

From: Addison Moore's Celestra Series

Blood type: Celestra (mostly)

Age: depends on which book but 18

Occupation: High School Student, Bowling Ally Owner

Lives: On the Island of Paragon

Looks: Blonde hair, gorgeous body, six pack, great pecs and biceps.

Status: In Love with Skyla

Family: Parents are both deceased. Uncle to Gage. Brother to Dr. Oliver.

Fun powers: He can read your mind by touching your skin. He can time travel. Super speed and strength.

Animal: Lion

Fun Facts: Was a ladies man until the love of his life came around. Plays on the football team. Has a supervising spirit. Protector. Always has sex on the brain.

If you think I left anything out that you would like added here LET ME KNOW!

oops. sex. city.

BOO! Then end of summer is upon us and I have to say I hate it. Its not that I mind going back into the real world because I really don't. Its the weather changing that bothers me. I don't know why I live in New England, when I hate the weather. I mean I feel lucky that I grew up here as a child and got to experience all four seasons. Building a snowman in the winter and coming inside to drink hot cocoa. Racking up pretty colored leaves in the fall and jumping into the piles. Seeing all the flowers come up for the first time in the spring. And of course my favorite, enjoying the sun in the summer and going to the beach. I cannot imagine living somewhere and having never seen the ocean, or never experiencing a snowstorm. So in that aspect I am glad I grew up here. BUT why am I still here? I mean I know I have almost all of my family here, and I am in love with the sports teams. But sometimes I just feel like I should be living somewhere else.

I can go into total zombie/ world apocalypse mode and choose somewhere to move based on that. Such as: The West Coast would not be a good choice because its too close to Asia, the ocean, and fault lines in the earth. There can be  nuclear attacks, tsunamis, or earth quacks that could reek havoc on the entire west coast. The East Coast has sink hole problems, is very highly populated, has very cold winters, and could go completely under water. Many of the states along the east coast are prone to sink holes, whose to say that one day something wont set off a bunch of them and every one dies? It is also a high populated area, if anything were to happen it would be difficult to "bug out" of the area. Also if there was an epidemic it would spread faster on the east coast. Resources would be used up quicker because of all the people as well. If there is climate change there is a good chance according to researchers that the east coast could freeze like it did in the movie; The Day After Tomorrow. Also many people have predicted that the east coast would sink underwater in the future. So that rules out the east and west coast. Next I am going to cross off any state in the tornado valley area off the list. Just based on the fact that if there were an apocalypse, I'd have enough things to deal with, so I wouldn't want to have to worry about any damn tornadoes.  So Basically that leaves me with Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Now Wyoming is near the mountains but it also has yellow stone park, which could blow up because of old faithful. So I am going to cross that off the list, just to be safe. Also the southest part of South Dakota has a risk for earth quacks. Thus I think we should avoid there too. Minnesota has a few nuclear power plants, so I am going to cross that off the list as well. That leave us with North Dakota. I know it can get very cold there. So I would probably try to stay as south as possible and stick to the outskirts of the larger cities so I would have somewhere to get supplies. The only thing is, if the climate stays as it is now, the winters drop to 30 below sometimes. YIKES! But if it means survival, I am sure I would figure it out. Lots and lots of fire wood people.

Now see, to move based on apocalypse I would have to go somewhere even colder than where I am now. If I had my choice in the matter I would never pick to live there.(No offense if that's where you live, its just not my thing). I honestly have always wanted to live in some small town where every one knows everyone. I can see myself in Virgina, The Carolina's, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana. Now, I lived in Florida for a little while, but, I lived in Tampa. So it was still being in the city. I loved the weather there. I have been to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, but I know that its very touristy. I have been to Williamsburg in Virginia and to Virginia beach, but again I know those areas are full of tourist. And I have driven through Georgia, it seemed very pretty. Other than that I have never really been to any of these states. Everything I know about them I know from books, movies, tv, or school. If anyone has any pros or cons to living there let me know!

Wow all of that came from a simple "I don't want summer to end". Sorry Folks. HA. Well at least I stay true to the name of this blog. Because I certainly do ramble. 

Now I have made an ooopsie. In my last post I had mentioned how I has started the Velesi Trilogy by L. Filloon. When I originally looked up the series the website said that book one was The Drifting. Well they gave me the WRONG information. So I started reading The Drifting, then I went on to the The Whispering, then I realized hey wait that was the last book. I thought this was a trilogy, what happened to the third book? So when I went and did more research I realized I started on book number TWO. I am an idiot. I do not know how I did not realize this. I kind of thought that they just through you into the book a little bit, but I still picked up on everything really quick. Finding out I started on book number two was a bit of a shocker. So I bought book one which is called The Binding, but I haven't read it yet. Book two and Book three were great though. The books are not hard to read, but the story line is great. I really enjoyed them. Now I'll have to read book one as an after thought lol. whoops. To late now, so o well.

I realize I haven't posted in a while so this post is going to be longer than usual. I have read a good number of books because the summer is coming to a close. So after reading 50 shades of better sex I got all of these recommendations on Amazon and Goodreads for all of these sex books. So I figured what the hell. Its not like I don't enjoy these books, I would be lying if I said I didn't. So I decided to start off with a cheap one just to see how I liked it. I was not disappointed. I purchased The Dom of My Dreams by M. F. Sinclair. I LOVED it. Now this book was actually a story, where as 50 Shades of Better Sex was more of a informational book. It is about a girl name Majorie who lives in a nice chic town in Mass. She works for a small publishing company who is trying to land a big hot shot writer. David Seton picks Majorie out of all of the editors to court him for his new novel. When they meet to discuss the book Seton, makes Majorie an offer. She knows she should refuse, but deep down inside she wants it. I for one, loved the book, just when I thought I knew where it was going, it threw something at me and surprised me. I would give this book a nine of out ten.

I kept seeing all of these previews for these movies coming out that are based on books. Now many of these books I had planed on reading.....eventually. But I am one of those people who hates to have plots spoiled. I figured that these movies are probably going to get a lot of media attention, considering the conclusion of the harry potter, and  the twilight saga. So they basically pushed my hand. I decided to start the Mortal Instrument Series before it was to late. So book one is called City of Bones and it is by Cassandra Clare. I fell in love with this series after only reading one book. The book is about a girl name Clary and her best friend Simon. They go to this punkish/ gothic type of club one night and Clary has an odd experience. She notices a cute boy with blue hair and thinks about going to introduce herself, but then she notices him with another girl and she watches them slip into a back room. Shes is about to just blow it off but then she sees two guys with knives following the pair into the room. She points it out to Simon, but he doesn't see anything. Simon goes to alert the bouncers just in case. Clary decided not to wait and goes into the room to save the boy and girl. When she enters she sees the blue haired boy being tortured by the two men and girl. She tries to stop it but then is stopped when the group is surprised that she can see them. She quickly realizes that the blue hair boy is a demon. WTF. Clary doesn't know what to think or what to do. She is shocked. Simon shows up with the bouncers and it is just Clary alone in an empty room. The next day Clary sees one of the boys again and follows him outside of the coffee shop. She remembers him being the one they called Jace. She wants him to explain things to her. Mid conversation she gets a frantic call from her mother, screaming at her NOT to go home and to find her "uncle" Luke immediately. She is very stubborn and worried about her mother so she ignores her mothers pleas and takes off running to her house to figure out what the hell is going on. She doesn't realize it but Jace secretly follows her because he is worried and doesn't know what just happened. When she arrives home she knows something isn't right. Her mother is no where to be found, and the condo is a mess. Its then that Clary is attacked, and at the very moment is brought into a whole new world that she didn't even knew existed.   She manages to fight off her attacker but is hurt in the process. She awakes in Jace's arms and they try to flee from more attackers. This all happens in a matter of a couple chapters. The book just gets better and better from there. This is a book of discovery and bravery. I am so sucked in.

As soon as I finished this book, I needed to know more. So of course I went and purchased book two (even though it was 2am). Book two is City of Ashes. It is just as good as book one if not better! I would most defiantly recommend these books. Nine out of Ten! I finished this book the next day and again needed to hear more about Jace and Clary so I went on and got book number three which is The City of Glass. I only intended to finish book one immediately because of the movie release. But after reading just book one I am addicted. I have no doubt that I am going to fly through the whole series. I am currently on book three and have yet to finish, but as soon as I am done here, you can bet that's what I will be doing.

I am also currently reading The battle of the Labyrinth which is part of the Percy Jackson Series I had started. And I also started Flight or Flight by Jamie Canosa. And don't forget I still have to read book one of the Velesi Trilogy which is The Binding. So I have many things to read before back to college. Also to note: the next book in the After Glow Trilogy was released (I believe). So I will have to get that soon as well. So much to do, so little time. Oh AND fantasy football drafts start this week. So I am going to be a busy busy girl. Because I still haven't even factored in work. Pff work.

If you've read any of these books and are as addicted as I am let me know!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'll color and drink beer if I want to!

Okay people. I don't think I mentioned this, but my car has been out of commission for the last two weeks. I was going crazy without it. I felt like I was back to being a freshman in high school. Having to ask people for rides and having people pick me up and stuff. NOT FUN. Talk about loosing your independence. The good news is..... I finally got my car back! (everyone clap and cheer). The bad news is they couldn't figure out the electrical problem that is wrong with it. So basically, they said I have to drive it around until it breaks and then call them right away.....ARE YOU SERIOUS? Clearly these men do not know me. They expect me to drive a car knowing it will eventually kick the bucket? Hello paranoia and anxiety! Apparently we are going to be friends for a while. UGH (End Rant)

On a good note, last night my friend Court (whom has a baby), and I decided we need a stress free night, to unwind. So what did we do you may ask? Well firstly she left the baby at home with the daddy and came over. Two ladies, on hump day, looking for something do. Let me make it known that we are broke. So don't judge us. We decided to go to the party store. Because how can you not have fun checking out ridiculous things at a party store. My favorite part had to be all the crazy hats and mardi gras mask. Then we got the brilliant idea to make homemade cookies. But no, that wouldn't be enough for us we had to make these cookies to put on top of our giant sundaes. So we went to the supermarket and bought all of the good stuff. But of course we had to make a pit stop on the way home for beer, because lets be honest beer makes everything more fun. To our surprise Shipyard Pumpkin is already in stores folks... FYI. I stuck to my beer of choice which is Bud Light Lime... but my friend Court got pumpkin head. We then  came back to my place. I set up my lap top to play jams from our early high school days, we popped open beers and got to work baking cookies. We had a blast making obnoxious videos of our horrible singing. When all the cookies were in the oven we decided we wanted to color. Why? Because coloring is a wicked pissah stress reliever especially if your drinking. Your never to old to take a break and have some simple fun. I actually highly recommend it everyone in a while. Dance in the rain. Jump on a trampoline. Color. Sing into a brush. Dance like no ones watching. Do something that will make you laugh.

I am a firm believer in laughter. Laughing makes things better. It makes the world seem less cruel. You can't take life to seriously, or you'll never be happy. I think people need to make time to relax and just have fun. Just because your an "adult" with responsibilities doesn't mean you have to act like you have a stick shoved up your butt. Whens the last time you did something stupid and reckless just because it made you happy? .............Just something to think about.

Yesterday I finished off The Titans Curse. The books are slowly getting better as they progress, but they are still, not my favorite. I also finished up 50 Shades of Better Sex. Now that was a good book. I found it easy to follow and  found it to be very real. The book isn't for everyone but if your have a bit of an adventurous side, I'd recommend it. I then read Cinderella by Jenni James. Its slightly different from the original but doesn't have many variations. I wasn't very impressed. It was an easy read though. And a great romantic short story.

Today I started The Velesi Trilogy by L. Filloon. Book 1 is titled The Drifting. I am about a quarter of the way through this book. So far I like it. It seems like its this new world, with elfs, orcs, mortals, and different types of magical beings. I'm digging that its a new world for me to discover and learn about. I will post more when I get further into the book.

Lastly, I joined a new community. Which I am pretty excited about . I joined the 20 Something Bloggers. I have already got some good feedback from people, and made a few friends. Its pretty great. Night peeps!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gods. Sex. & Love.

Percy Jackson is an interesting young boy. I read through the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan quite quickly. The book was good. I still can't help but think of Harry Potter though when I read it. But it does have a completely different story line. I guess its just the similarity that its a young boy who is discovering a whole new world while him and his friends fight through dangerous obstacles to do what it right.

Nevertheless once I start a story I feel the need to know how it ends. So I leaped right into book 2 which is called The Sea of Monsters. This book was better than the first but, still wasn't all that great. Maybe because its a pretty easy read. I find the greek mythology and gods aspect pretty interesting. I wish I knew more about it. Sometimes it can be a little hard to follow in the book if you don't have prior knowledge of the greek gods. I also find myself getting frustrated by the female characters. I can't put my finger on why, but the only one I actually like is Annabeth.

I wish there was more set up for the background of the book, or that it was at least explained in more detail because that whole aspect of the book is the most interesting. I also think it would add more to the actual story. Don't get me wrong I like it, but I think it has the potential to be so much better. I am currently reading the 3rd book in the series The Titan's Curse.

 I decided I needed to break this series up so I am/was reading more than one book at a time, which I usually don't do.  I finished reading Some One To Love by Addison Moore. OMG. I loved it. She  did not fail to disappoint. This book was almost every college girl's fantasy. It screamed sex. It was hott and made me want more. Cruise Elton sounds like the perfect man.(He will DEF be on my wanted list). I want to fall in love with a man like him. All I could think of was sex, sex., love, sex. After finishing reading this book all I wanted to do was read more sex. I didn't get my fill. So I decided to try and read 50 shades of better sex by Melinda Holmes. So far it its very insightful, and pretty sexy. I can't lie, it pretty much a walking hard on.  But it works because I can switch between that and Percy Jackson.

I'd like to finish this post with a question for you all.
How do I make blogging friends? I try to go out and follow blogs and leave comments, but I have yet to receive one comment, on my blog. Not that I care, because I will write regardless. But I am actually surprised that I have as many page views as I do, but no comments. How does that happen. Hmm I am confounded.I guess its no different than my real life. ha. Oh well I am better off do things for myself anyways, rather than to do if for others.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Evanescent by Addison Moore Book Review

Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy Book 2) by Addison Moore

"Sixteen-year-old Laken Stewart died last summer. Her resurrection at the hands of the Countenance hasn’t run smoothly. With the memory of her past life still firmly intact, Laken moves deeper into the Countenance organization in an effort to free her mother and sister from the deadly Celestra tunnels.

The love she feels for her boyfriend, Wesley, is compromised when gorgeous Cooper Flanders teams up with her in the fight to free their families. Old bonds are slowly severed as new ones are galvanized.

Wesley is sure that what he and Laken share is special but when it becomes apparent that she’s reading his mind, he’s determined to get the bottom of her true intentions. And one thing is for sure, the Celestra that’s giving her these powers is going to have to pay. Wesley’s love for Laken takes him to the dark places he never believed existed and what he discovers dismantles his world as he knows it."

9 out of 10 stars for me
I am in love with her books. I get sucked in and want to be a part of this world. Even though it is full of danger and lies I do not care. I want in. I fall asleep reading her books and dream about the characters being my friends. Sad, I know. I want Laken, and Skyla to team up with me and figure things out. I want to date Logan, Gage, Cooper, Wes, and Marshall. I get so wrapped up in these books that I drool over them. I know that its not a healthy relationship to have, but it is what it is. If pre teens can be twihards and obsess over sparkling vampires, then I as a 23 year old, can obsess over nephilim. If your sitting there reading this and are saying "what the hell is this girl rambling on about" then please go check it our for yourself you will not be disappointed. addison moore. That is the authors blog. She puts together an incredible world. PS if your going to start reading her books start off with the Celestra series.

This book was great. It made me fall in like with Cooper, he is boyfriend of the week for me. Hes just that nice honest boy that you want to fall in love with. I think this book really expressed the characters personalities. I truly feel like I know them. I love to hate Kresly and Grayson. I want to love and protect Marky. I want to help Casper and Flynn reunite. This book really draws you in and helps you relate to all the characters. I also really enjoyed how it started to link up to the Celestra series. I think the way it was worked in very well and blended. It clarifies many mysteries from that series. I love the way the book ended, yet part of my was also upset. I wanted that to happen in the beginning, but now I am scared for Cooper. I don't want to spoil the end for anyone so its hard for to to convey this right. The end is good and it is a cliff hanger. I cannot wait for the last book to come out. I only hope that Laken makes the right choice. I would recommend this book 100%.


I am pretty happy, that I finally figured out how to add the follow this site button to my blog. I don't think you all realize how hard I have been trying to figure this out. I am not so good with computer tech things. Yes I can type and navigate the internet, but setting up a website/blog is an entirely different battle. It has taking me hours to try to get my page to look the way I want and it has not been easy. It still could be better, but I think I'm getting there. I am hoping now that I have a follower button that my friends can finally start to follow my blog. Not that I have blogging friends, because realistically I don't. But its nice to have the option just in case. I don't know how all you fellow bloggers do it. Some of you have sites that look AMAZING. I envy you! I am lucky I figured out how to change the colors and fonts.

Anyways. I discovered a new obsession last night. a fellow blogger, livedonethousandlives was nice enough to give me some advice, since I am new to the blogging world. One thing that was recommended was to join as many communities and sites as possible to connect with people. One site that was mentioned was goodreads . I had never heard of this site before, so I went and checked it out. OH MY LANTA. I was not disappointed. I am most definitely obsessed. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that there was a way to keep track of all the books I have read, am reading, or want to read. Now I found it! Now it will probably take me a while to go in there and add all of the books I have read. But I think it is worth it. I can also review and rate books on that site as well. I am very excited about it.

After I got sick of playing around on goodreads I decided to get back to reading. So last night I finished off  The King's Guard: A Girl of Fire and Thorns Novella by Rae Carson. It was okay. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I went back and refreshed myself from the other books. Because I remember loving the series but I have read SO MANY books since then, that I found myself forgetting the details. I think I might go back and skim through the other books and then re read this book to fully appreciate it.

Next I read the second book in Addison Moore's Countenance Trilogy which is titled Evanescent. I am in love with her books. I get sucked in and want to be a part of this world. Even though it is full of danger and lies I do not care. I want in. I fall asleep reading her books and dream about the characters being my friends. Sad, I know. I want Laken, and Skyla to team up with me and figure things out. I want to date Logan, Gage, Cooper, Wes,  and Marshall. I get so wrapped up in these books that I drool over them. I know that its not a healthy relationship to have, but it is what it is. If pre teens can be twihards and obsess over sparkling vampires, then I as a 23 year old, can obsess over nephilim. If your sitting there reading this and are saying "what the hell is this girl rambling on about" then please go check it our for yourself you will not be disappointed. addison moore. That is the authors blog. She puts together an incredible world. PS if your going to start reading her books start off with the Celestra series.

So today I started to read the Percy Jackson series. I am about five chapters into The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. So far it reminds me of Harry Potter except instead of magic its Greek Olympic Gods. I'd name a few Gods but apparently saying their name is very powerful. I'm actually going to go dive into that book right now. Laters.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Football is back =)

Yipppppie =)

So this is very unbook related BUT I have to write about it anyways because it has put a giant smile upon my face today. New England Patriot Pre Season Football started tonight. I got to break my jerseys out of storage and wear them for the first time this season. I am currently sporting my Tom Brady jersey. I do have to say I am a little anxious watching the game because of all the rookies on our team this year, but I have faith that we can pull it together this season and be a force to reckon with.

Anyways I know this isn't supposed to be a blog about sports, but I just cannot help it. My love for books and sports goes hand and hand. I apologize in advance for all of the sports related outbursts that I know WILL occur this football and hockey season. If you know me, you know I just cannot help it.

I actually just read a pretty great article last night about being a female sports fan. It talks about how its tough to be a die hard sports fan and be a female, because people don't take you seriously.

23 most annoying things about being a female sports fan

My favorite from this article would have to be number 13. which states "Shirts that forgo the teams actual colors  for trendier ones, because obviously women will not buy sports apparel if they think their teams colors look bad on them." This is most def. wicked annoying. Like come on dude, why am I going to buy a patriots shirt that is bright yellow or pink? Our teams colors are friggan blue, white, and red. There is no reason why you have to buy a different color shirt, in fact I will be bold and flat out say you look stupid. If I see you at a Pats game in a trendy color shirt I will automatically label you as a "band wagon or fake" fan. Any true female sports fan will be wearing their teams colors. The ONLY exception to this rule is during October for breast cancer awareness, then and only then can you wear your pink shirts and me not judge you.

I also have to mention number 16 & 17 just because they are two of my pet peeves about being a female and loving football. 16. Has to do with Thanksgiving. Can you see where this is going? "When you're making Thanksgiving dinner with your family and your female relatives won't let you watch football with the dudes."
Like come on people. I totally get this. And I am so happy it made it into this article. If I take the time to help you cook the darn bird, at the very least you can allow me to watch the game and check my fantasy scores. Just because I am a woman does not mean I belong in the kitchen. I can drink beer with the men in front of the big screen and be totally happy doing it.  And this brings us to number 17. "When you tell someone you're a fan of a team and they make you take a goddamn quiz to prove it". Ladies you know exactly what this means if you like sports. I can completely relate to this. When I read this I legit was nodding my head and yelling YES I HATE THAT. I work at a sports bar, so this happens to me ALL the time. I mention oh I love the Patriots and instantly a guy will be like "oh yeah, name one player other than tom brady...whose number three different positions.... whose the coach...whose the our kicker.....its like dude come on people. Hmm lets see. Shane Vereen number 34, Vince Wilfork is number 75, quaterback, wide receiver, tight end, running back, kicker, offensive line, safety, Bill, Kraft, gostkowski is the kicker, mesko is the punter. FU. I actually know my shi*t now back off dude. Its the most annoying thing ever. But yeah I thought the article was great and if your a female you should def. read it.

Anyways sorry about that, I tend to go off about things that I am passionate about. But back to reading. Last night I read Veer which is book two in the Clayton Falls series by Alyssa Rose Ivy. It was good I love Gavin in it. This series really makes me want to move to a small town that is on the beach. I wouldn't mind one day settling down in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I think it would be interesting. Sometimes I wish I could take off and settle down someplace where no one knows me at all and just totally start over and meet new people. When I read this series it makes me feel like its possible. I know it obviously wouldn't be that easy, but life isn't easy in general. Sometimes the books I read make it seem like if your not happy you should take a chance and pick up everything and move and make a big change. I don't know if this is just my dreamer side that relates to this and thinks it could work out and is a good idea. Or if its completely insane and a rash thing to do. Sometimes I think I debate things to death. Like I go over consequences too much. Would I be better off if I just took a leap and went with it? I don't know. I think I might be the most indecisive person I know. It'd be nice, and I think almost refreshing, to just be impulsive and do something without thinking it through.  Does anyone get what I mean? Or am I the only person who thinks to much for their own good. I guess I'll never know.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welp, no powerball win for me

Well hello all. As much as I wished it, I failed to win powerball last night. Thus I am still a broke college student. Bummer. On the bright side I can continue to spend all of my hard earned money on books that I just need to read. So, I couldn't sleep the other night. You know what that means people. I Read, Read, and umm ate then read some more. I finished Summer of Frost of the L.P. Dover forever fae stories. Now I have to sit and anxiously await the release of the next book. Then in the early morning hours I moved onto Beautiful Beast by Cindy C Bennett. When I finished that book and then still couldn't sleep I decided to read another Alyssa Rose Ivy book, since I adore her books so much. I started reading her Clayton falls books which starts off with Derailed. Now it was light outside but for some reason I still couldn't fall asleep so I decided to read the companion novel to the lonely, Lost Boy by Tara Brown. I fell asleep a little more than half way through the book. I a woke a few times and was not shocked that I actually dreamed about the characters from my book. You know your obsessed with characters when you dream about them lol. Is it bad that I was disappointed that it was only a dream? Do other people wish they lived in their books as much as I do?

Sometimes I think I belong in a book. I dream way to much. Maybe I would be further along in life if I didn't spend my time in the clouds dreaming. Sometimes I think the only people who get me, or who can relate to me are in the books that I read. Do other people feel the same way?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Less Reading, More Writing.

So I have to say I am a little disappointed in myself. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you why. It is already August. Ugh which means the summer is starting to come to an end before back to school, or for me back to college and work, and the real world. I just feel like when its summer I can blow things off and do what I want, but during the rest of the year I have to be an adult and crack the whip, and handle my responsibilities. But to answer the question it is because when I get to this point in the summer, I realize I haven't read all the books I wanted to yet. Which then leads me to go on a reading binge. I literally sit and do nothing for days, other than read. Which in turn leads to me neglecting my writing. Now how am I suppose to start a blog, if I can't even bother to put a book down and write a post? How do you fellow authors or book reviewers out there do it? How do you find a balance between reading and writing? If your anything like me a good book series can consume you for days. I always feel the pressure at this point in the summer, because I know I don't have as much time to read during the rest of the year.

I made a goal for 2013, and it was to read 125 books this year. Which basically means I have to get through the majority of them this summer. Hence my MIA. I haven't counted the number up yet, I am a little nervous that I won't be on track. But in the next few days I'll have to buckle down and count how many I've read so far this year. How many books do people usually read in a year anyways? Is my goal to low, to high? I don't really know how I compare to other people. None of my friends are obsessive about reading like I am.

Today I finished the final book in the Blemished series by Sarah Dalton its called The Unleashed. I have a hate love relationship with finishing series. Its like the best feeling in the world but also the worst. Its the best because you finally find out what happens, and you finally know the conclusion and hopefully things worked out the way you wanted. But its the worst because you know its the end of the characters you've grown to love so much. Its an end. You know you'll never get to live moments with those characters again, never relate to them or rout for them. It can be very sad. So when I finish a book series off and I know there isn't going to be another book I almost get a feeling of disappointment. I get so attached to characters that I don't like to see them go. Maybe admitting that I have attachments to fictitious characters makes me crazy, but I thinks that is why I like reading so much. It takes you away to another place, and lets you forget about everything in the real world. If I could make friends with the characters I meet in books I totally would. And it would make me way happier.

So even though I anxiously await the release of books that I love, I also know that once I read them I can't take it back. You can never get the feeling of reading a book for the first time back. Sure you can reread it and get the same emotions, but its never the same as the first time. The first time you do something is always the most exciting.

I guess I'm just one of those NEED TO KNOW NOW people. I cannot wait. I don't care if I stay up for hours to find out the end result. Maybe its something I should work on? Or maybe its just part of who I am.

Anyways I am trying to figure out which book I am going to read tonight. Suggestions? Let me know.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Trying to get Back

Sorry people. So much has been happening the last couple weeks. As much as I would have liked, I haven't had time to post. So I went camping in the middle of no where in Maine. Point Sebago. I am not really a person who likes camping but my boyfriend and his family invited me so I went. I figured it wouldn't be that bad because they had wifi, BUT of course the wifi didn't work while I was there. So I didn't have time to post. Good news is I got to read a bunch of books with cuddling up by the fire and cruising on the boat.  I read two Tara Brown books, Imaginations and Reborn. Both were pretty good. If I had to pick between the two I would def go with Reborn because I really enjoyed the other books in that series. Then I started a new series that Amazon recommended J. L. Weil its the Luminescence Trilogy only the first two books are out so I started up with those. I really love them and cannot wait for the third book to come out. I don't want to really go into details about the books because I am hoping to soon start writing my reviews. I finished reading the Imdalind series by Rebbecca Ethington, the last book named Scorched Treachery, finalllllly came out so I had to finish it ASAP so I could finally know the ending.  AND even more exciting a new book in the Crescent Chronicles came out its titled Found and it is by Alyssa Rose Ivy. I am obsessed with this series. I cannot wait until she puts out something else for me to read. Since it is summer an all I decided to read another book by her as well called The Hazards of Skinny Dipping. It was a cute fluff summer book to read out in the sun. Then I switched up a bit and read Collateral Damage by Katie Klein. Then I finished off the week reading the first two books in the Forever Fae series by L. P. Dover. And that basically sums up what I did on my vacation. I read those books and drank beer. Fun times. What books have you all read on your summer vacations? I want to hear!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Camping is Exhuasting... ugh

Sorry people, been on vacation for the last week. Was camping up in Maine. They said they had WIFI, so I brought my lab top so I could post, but unfortunately there was no signal. So my bad.
I need to unpack, then I'll update tonight.... TO BE CONTINUED.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 6 of the Challenge: Describe how you purchase books?

Why Hello peoples!

So I am on day six now of the blogger challenge. Day six ask for you to describe how you purchase books?

So this kind of gets broken down into three categories for me.

The first category being how I purchase my e-books for my kindle. If I am buying a new book for my kindle chances are it is either a continuation of a series I have already started OR it was suggested to me by Amazon recommendations. I have found many of my favorite series from taking a chance on the recommendations made to me by Amazon. It is a very rare occurrence that I buy a book off of those recommendations and do not enjoy it. So I usually skim through the recommendations and pick four or five and then I read the book descriptions. I then pick one that I think I am most in the mood for.

The second category would be books I loved reading so much on my kindle that I just had to go and buy them in paperback or hardcover

The third and final category would be books I buy for the first time in a store. Usually I stop in a store and check out the books section. I tend to look at the romance/ YA/ paranormal/ new titles sections. I then see if any cool covers catch my eye and if they do I usually pick them up and read the back. If the back of the book sounds good I buy it, if not I put it back. I usually take a peak at books I've heard about as well and take a chance to read a few pages to see if it is something that I would enjoy.

So that is basically how I choose what books I buy.

I have been slowly but surly learning to put this site together. I am hoping that I am getting better at this day by day. I am not quite sure though because I have yet to receive any type of comment or feed back from anyone. If any one has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Also I think I am going to attempt to review my first book soon. If you have any helpful tips on the DO's and DON'Ts of book reviewing please share.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 5 Challenge: Recommend A Tear Jerker

Day five people, recommend a tear jerker...oh boy this is tough. I feel like so many books make me cry.  Most books that make me cry probably aren't even intended to.
If you want a real tear jerker though I'd probably have to recommend Nicholas Sparks books. I balled my eyes out at the end of Dear John and the Guardian. Like literally couldn't read because I was sobbing. Message in  a Bottle and The rescue got to me as well just not as bad as the other two.

Another book that had me crying hysterically was The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffnegger.

The Chemical Garden Series by Lauren DeStefano got to me too, I think because I was a girl and I could picture myself in their situation.

Any book by Maria V Snyder usually gets to me because I love her characters, whether its the Healer Series, the Glass Series or the Poison Study Series, they are all such good books.

I basically cry when ever I read any of the Vampire Diary books by L. J. Smith, they are so good and I get so attached to the characters.

Also the Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson really got to me because of the "kid" factor.

The Hunger Game books by Suzzane Collins made me cry because I just felt so bad, it seemed like it was one thing after another in that book.

There are tons more but those are my favorites that I would recommend people read if they haven't already.

What is your favorite book that has made you ball you eyes out?
Let me know I would love to read it!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 3 & Day 4: Who are your blogging BFFS? & What is the last book you flung across the room?

Heylo everyone, or should I say no one because I am pretty sure no one actually reads my blog yet lol. I guess that is besides the point, I started this blog more for me anyways. Not that I don't want followers, I would love it, I just don't expect it, that's all. Anyways, I'm rambling. I had started a project a few weeks back to make my own corn hole boards from scratch. For those of you who are sitting there saying to yourself WTF is that, well you are missing out. Corn hole is a set of two board with a hole in them. You have two teams of two and throw bean bags full of corn into the holes. It is kind of like horseshoes. If you want to check it out look here  . Anyways today I finished painting them in a New England Patriots colored theme of course. They actually look pretty legit. I'm happy with it. But anyways that took up most of my day, which is why I didn't written anything earlier. I'll post a picture when their all done, not that anyone cares, but just because.

Now, to the point.... Day3 and Day4 of the Blogger Challenge. I decided to put three and four together because I knew my answer for Day 3 wouldn't be very interesting.

So Day3 is Who are your blogging BFFS?
Well I just started blogging and I don't actually have any other friends that blog. Nor do I really read any other blogs yet. I just started following some blogs and reading them but I haven't gotten through all of them yet. If anyone want to become blogging BFFS let me know. Or if anyone has any blog suggestions for me to read, I am all ears.

On to Day4: What is the last book your flung across the room?
See now this question I can answer, and I actually really enjoy it. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to fling a book or my kindle across the room. Sometimes I catch myself and I just scream instead. But I recently actually got so mad that I lost my composer and I flung my kindle across the room, thankfully it hit a couch and didn't break. But the book that pushed me over the edge was A Game of Thrones book. I forget if it was book two or three because I read all five in a row on my kindle... and I tend to blend series books together when I read them on my kindle. Because I cannot see the actual book. But I think it was book three which is titled A Storm of Swords. If you have yet to read Game of Thrones let me tell you, your are most def. missing out. They are the best books I have ever read. Usually you can kind of figure out the majority of the book by reading it, or at least I usually can. But these books are unreal. What ever you think is going to happen doesn't, characters you think are safe always get killed. These books are nuts. Anyways I don't want to give anything away in case  someone wants to start reading these books, but when I read the red wedding scene I through my kindle across the room. If you've read these book you know exactly what I am talking about and why I threw my kindle. I actually took a whole week off of reading because I was so mad and upset. I've never gone a whole week without reading since I graduated from high school, so its a big deal. I was that upset and frustrated. So I guess if you want to know more you have to read the book or just google it lol.

So if I do have any readers out there...Whats the last book that you've flung across the room? If you have more self control than I and haven't done that...then Whats the last book that mad you extremely mad, frustrated, or upset?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day Two: What is your bedtime reading ritual?

Alright people, So for today's challenge they ask for me to explain my bedtime reading ritual. This is a little tough for me because I don't sleep much and when I do its not on the same schedule as everyone else. I'm pretty much nocturnal in some ways. I tend to sleep from like 4am- noon and that's just a ball park guess. But regardless of when I sleep I guess I can tell you how I get there. The ritual isn't always the same I tend to switch things up all the time. But for the most part I take a shower and brush my teeth. Put lotion on and then my pjs. Then I usually have to get a snack. I know your not suppose to eat late at night, but that is honestly when I eat the most and I'm still pretty tiny so I'm not going to change this habit. I usually got for ice cream, nachos, strawberries, or sometimes a salad. Then I go down to my room and turn on my nightstand lamp. I prop my pillows up so I can eat. Eating in bed gross I know, but I make sure I don't get any crumbs or anything. I am the only one allowed to eat in our bed it drives me insane with my boyfriend does it. Hypocritical, I know, its just a quirk of mine I guess. Then I turn on the TV. I tend to read with the tv on, I'm not one for silence. Then I grab my kindle and read while eating my snack. The reading usually continues until the wee hours of the morning, until I feel like I just can't keep my eyes open anymore. Then I pass out.

Well I've posted a few post so far and I think I am doing okay? Can I get some feedback from my fellow blogger?

What are the do's and don't? Am I doing okay? Lets who can be my first ever comment! Thanks people!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day one: Make 15 Book Related Confessions

Well, I saw this challenge on a bunch of other book bloggers sites. I figured it would be an easy way for me to start out writing since I am still not entirely sure what I am doing. My thoughts were that this would give me something to write about without me having to come up with things. So I guess I am going to give this a try.  So for day number one it says to make 15 book related confessions mine are as follows:

1. I am a firm believer in the book is ALWAYS better than the movie or tv show... BUT, I still want all of my favorite books to be made into a show or movie. I think its just that fact that I want to see if other people pictured things from the book the way I did. Did we imagine the characters the same or how about the landscape? I love seeing how people picture things.

2. When I read a book I constantly put myself into the shoes of my favorite character and I want to be them.  Whether my favorite character is in love with a vampire or happens to be an angel with wings. I wish I had their life, and it usually makes its way into my dreams. Now that is a whole new level of obsession when the book your reading makes its way into your dreams.

3. I always fall for the bad boy in the book. Apparently I never learn my lesson in real or literary life. No matter how much I fight against it, I can't help but falling for the bad boy. I route for him throughout the entire book. I hope that he'll change for the girl and that they'll end up living happily ever after. I no that I am being naive, and usually it doesn't happen like I want. But I can't help it.

4. I am addicted to my kindle BUT if I really enjoy a book I want to own a paper copy as well. I have dreams of owning a house with a library room one day and I want nothing more than to display all of the books I've read. And I'm not talking just a book shelf with a reading nook, I want a full out library with rows of bookcases that reach the ceiling. You know what I'm talking about the ones you see in the old houses or in movies.

5. I hated reading in high school, I used to use spark notes to BS my way through reading assignments (Which I always got an A on thank you very much). I think it was because the books were of topics that I was forced to read. Once I finally found a book I was interested in, I became addicted. It was like discovering a whole new world. I didn't realize there were so many books out there that I would actually enjoy.

6. I pick out most of my books from Amazon suggestions. I started with Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. Once I realized how easy it was to fall in love with another world I was hooked. I hadn't ventured into the book world before so I was not sure how to proceed, so I put my faith in Amazon. They introduced me into the world of magic, angels, post apocalyptic America, love, zombies, and mythical creatures. I fell in love with the whole world of YA and of paranormal romances. They also pushed me towards some smut or "one handed novels" but I cant help but love those as well.

7. My favorite books have love AND sex, mixed in with something else like magic or adventure. I especially like the ones where a female character is torn between different men.

8. I get so addicted to series I usually read them very fast, and I HATE when I go to buy the next book and it isn't out yet =(. I am not a patient person. I am one of those people who needs to know what happens and I need to know now. I have over thirty series that I am waiting on right now. Which is very frustrating.

9. When I get a book I have been waiting for forever I am guilty of staying up over 24 hours until I finish reading it. And then I am super depressed that I read through the book that fast and that I have to wait until the next one comes out.

10. When I go over peoples houses and they have a great book selection and I ask which is their favorite and they reply "Oh there more for decoration, I've never read one" I want to scream and hit them over the head with one of their own books and then steal the whole lot and bring them home with me.

11. I like the look of leather bound books over paper backs.

12. I hate letting people borrow my books, because I  kind of think of them as my children. It really bothers me if one gets damaged or if one doesn't get returned.

13. I feel bad for my boyfriend because I do most of my reading at bedtime, and I tend to leave my nightstand lamp on, which drives him insane. But I just cant use one of those little book lights, there is not enough light and they annoy me because they never clip where I want or stay in place.

14. I love reading my books outside in the sun with a cold glass of white wine and my sunglasses on.

15. If there was a fire in my house I wouldn't leave without my kindle and my books. Then I'd have to grab my cat and high tale it out. But most importantly I need the books.