Film vs Book

I am a firm believer in that book is always better than the film.
I still have to see the film anyhow. I think its because I want to see how someone else interpreted the book. To see if someone envisioned the book and characters like I did. So this page is going to be a place were I can compare the two. Which will win the battle. The Film or The Book?

Every week I am going to post a book or book series that has been made into a movie.
For the first few days I want people to comment. Tell me which you think was better and why. Tell me who you thought was cast wrong. Tell me the changed in the plot that you hated. Let me know which scenery changes they made that upset you.  I want to know what you thought. Did you love it? Hate it? Was the book and movie the same? Let Me Know! Then after a few days of comments (if people actually post) I will post what I thought. And we can continue the conversation if it warrants it. I hope that this can open up communications. I love hearing about how people imagined things to be.

So for the first week I figured I'd start with something popular so more people can relate.I am hoping many of you have read the books and seen the movies. So Ready Set Comment!

Battle number 1.
The Harry Potter Series

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