Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 6 of the Challenge: Describe how you purchase books?

Why Hello peoples!

So I am on day six now of the blogger challenge. Day six ask for you to describe how you purchase books?

So this kind of gets broken down into three categories for me.

The first category being how I purchase my e-books for my kindle. If I am buying a new book for my kindle chances are it is either a continuation of a series I have already started OR it was suggested to me by Amazon recommendations. I have found many of my favorite series from taking a chance on the recommendations made to me by Amazon. It is a very rare occurrence that I buy a book off of those recommendations and do not enjoy it. So I usually skim through the recommendations and pick four or five and then I read the book descriptions. I then pick one that I think I am most in the mood for.

The second category would be books I loved reading so much on my kindle that I just had to go and buy them in paperback or hardcover

The third and final category would be books I buy for the first time in a store. Usually I stop in a store and check out the books section. I tend to look at the romance/ YA/ paranormal/ new titles sections. I then see if any cool covers catch my eye and if they do I usually pick them up and read the back. If the back of the book sounds good I buy it, if not I put it back. I usually take a peak at books I've heard about as well and take a chance to read a few pages to see if it is something that I would enjoy.

So that is basically how I choose what books I buy.

I have been slowly but surly learning to put this site together. I am hoping that I am getting better at this day by day. I am not quite sure though because I have yet to receive any type of comment or feed back from anyone. If any one has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Also I think I am going to attempt to review my first book soon. If you have any helpful tips on the DO's and DON'Ts of book reviewing please share.


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