Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day one: Make 15 Book Related Confessions

Well, I saw this challenge on a bunch of other book bloggers sites. I figured it would be an easy way for me to start out writing since I am still not entirely sure what I am doing. My thoughts were that this would give me something to write about without me having to come up with things. So I guess I am going to give this a try.  So for day number one it says to make 15 book related confessions mine are as follows:

1. I am a firm believer in the book is ALWAYS better than the movie or tv show... BUT, I still want all of my favorite books to be made into a show or movie. I think its just that fact that I want to see if other people pictured things from the book the way I did. Did we imagine the characters the same or how about the landscape? I love seeing how people picture things.

2. When I read a book I constantly put myself into the shoes of my favorite character and I want to be them.  Whether my favorite character is in love with a vampire or happens to be an angel with wings. I wish I had their life, and it usually makes its way into my dreams. Now that is a whole new level of obsession when the book your reading makes its way into your dreams.

3. I always fall for the bad boy in the book. Apparently I never learn my lesson in real or literary life. No matter how much I fight against it, I can't help but falling for the bad boy. I route for him throughout the entire book. I hope that he'll change for the girl and that they'll end up living happily ever after. I no that I am being naive, and usually it doesn't happen like I want. But I can't help it.

4. I am addicted to my kindle BUT if I really enjoy a book I want to own a paper copy as well. I have dreams of owning a house with a library room one day and I want nothing more than to display all of the books I've read. And I'm not talking just a book shelf with a reading nook, I want a full out library with rows of bookcases that reach the ceiling. You know what I'm talking about the ones you see in the old houses or in movies.

5. I hated reading in high school, I used to use spark notes to BS my way through reading assignments (Which I always got an A on thank you very much). I think it was because the books were of topics that I was forced to read. Once I finally found a book I was interested in, I became addicted. It was like discovering a whole new world. I didn't realize there were so many books out there that I would actually enjoy.

6. I pick out most of my books from Amazon suggestions. I started with Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. Once I realized how easy it was to fall in love with another world I was hooked. I hadn't ventured into the book world before so I was not sure how to proceed, so I put my faith in Amazon. They introduced me into the world of magic, angels, post apocalyptic America, love, zombies, and mythical creatures. I fell in love with the whole world of YA and of paranormal romances. They also pushed me towards some smut or "one handed novels" but I cant help but love those as well.

7. My favorite books have love AND sex, mixed in with something else like magic or adventure. I especially like the ones where a female character is torn between different men.

8. I get so addicted to series I usually read them very fast, and I HATE when I go to buy the next book and it isn't out yet =(. I am not a patient person. I am one of those people who needs to know what happens and I need to know now. I have over thirty series that I am waiting on right now. Which is very frustrating.

9. When I get a book I have been waiting for forever I am guilty of staying up over 24 hours until I finish reading it. And then I am super depressed that I read through the book that fast and that I have to wait until the next one comes out.

10. When I go over peoples houses and they have a great book selection and I ask which is their favorite and they reply "Oh there more for decoration, I've never read one" I want to scream and hit them over the head with one of their own books and then steal the whole lot and bring them home with me.

11. I like the look of leather bound books over paper backs.

12. I hate letting people borrow my books, because I  kind of think of them as my children. It really bothers me if one gets damaged or if one doesn't get returned.

13. I feel bad for my boyfriend because I do most of my reading at bedtime, and I tend to leave my nightstand lamp on, which drives him insane. But I just cant use one of those little book lights, there is not enough light and they annoy me because they never clip where I want or stay in place.

14. I love reading my books outside in the sun with a cold glass of white wine and my sunglasses on.

15. If there was a fire in my house I wouldn't leave without my kindle and my books. Then I'd have to grab my cat and high tale it out. But most importantly I need the books.

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