Sunday, August 11, 2013

Evanescent by Addison Moore Book Review

Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy Book 2) by Addison Moore

"Sixteen-year-old Laken Stewart died last summer. Her resurrection at the hands of the Countenance hasn’t run smoothly. With the memory of her past life still firmly intact, Laken moves deeper into the Countenance organization in an effort to free her mother and sister from the deadly Celestra tunnels.

The love she feels for her boyfriend, Wesley, is compromised when gorgeous Cooper Flanders teams up with her in the fight to free their families. Old bonds are slowly severed as new ones are galvanized.

Wesley is sure that what he and Laken share is special but when it becomes apparent that she’s reading his mind, he’s determined to get the bottom of her true intentions. And one thing is for sure, the Celestra that’s giving her these powers is going to have to pay. Wesley’s love for Laken takes him to the dark places he never believed existed and what he discovers dismantles his world as he knows it."

9 out of 10 stars for me
I am in love with her books. I get sucked in and want to be a part of this world. Even though it is full of danger and lies I do not care. I want in. I fall asleep reading her books and dream about the characters being my friends. Sad, I know. I want Laken, and Skyla to team up with me and figure things out. I want to date Logan, Gage, Cooper, Wes, and Marshall. I get so wrapped up in these books that I drool over them. I know that its not a healthy relationship to have, but it is what it is. If pre teens can be twihards and obsess over sparkling vampires, then I as a 23 year old, can obsess over nephilim. If your sitting there reading this and are saying "what the hell is this girl rambling on about" then please go check it our for yourself you will not be disappointed. addison moore. That is the authors blog. She puts together an incredible world. PS if your going to start reading her books start off with the Celestra series.

This book was great. It made me fall in like with Cooper, he is boyfriend of the week for me. Hes just that nice honest boy that you want to fall in love with. I think this book really expressed the characters personalities. I truly feel like I know them. I love to hate Kresly and Grayson. I want to love and protect Marky. I want to help Casper and Flynn reunite. This book really draws you in and helps you relate to all the characters. I also really enjoyed how it started to link up to the Celestra series. I think the way it was worked in very well and blended. It clarifies many mysteries from that series. I love the way the book ended, yet part of my was also upset. I wanted that to happen in the beginning, but now I am scared for Cooper. I don't want to spoil the end for anyone so its hard for to to convey this right. The end is good and it is a cliff hanger. I cannot wait for the last book to come out. I only hope that Laken makes the right choice. I would recommend this book 100%.

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