Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'll color and drink beer if I want to!

Okay people. I don't think I mentioned this, but my car has been out of commission for the last two weeks. I was going crazy without it. I felt like I was back to being a freshman in high school. Having to ask people for rides and having people pick me up and stuff. NOT FUN. Talk about loosing your independence. The good news is..... I finally got my car back! (everyone clap and cheer). The bad news is they couldn't figure out the electrical problem that is wrong with it. So basically, they said I have to drive it around until it breaks and then call them right away.....ARE YOU SERIOUS? Clearly these men do not know me. They expect me to drive a car knowing it will eventually kick the bucket? Hello paranoia and anxiety! Apparently we are going to be friends for a while. UGH (End Rant)

On a good note, last night my friend Court (whom has a baby), and I decided we need a stress free night, to unwind. So what did we do you may ask? Well firstly she left the baby at home with the daddy and came over. Two ladies, on hump day, looking for something do. Let me make it known that we are broke. So don't judge us. We decided to go to the party store. Because how can you not have fun checking out ridiculous things at a party store. My favorite part had to be all the crazy hats and mardi gras mask. Then we got the brilliant idea to make homemade cookies. But no, that wouldn't be enough for us we had to make these cookies to put on top of our giant sundaes. So we went to the supermarket and bought all of the good stuff. But of course we had to make a pit stop on the way home for beer, because lets be honest beer makes everything more fun. To our surprise Shipyard Pumpkin is already in stores folks... FYI. I stuck to my beer of choice which is Bud Light Lime... but my friend Court got pumpkin head. We then  came back to my place. I set up my lap top to play jams from our early high school days, we popped open beers and got to work baking cookies. We had a blast making obnoxious videos of our horrible singing. When all the cookies were in the oven we decided we wanted to color. Why? Because coloring is a wicked pissah stress reliever especially if your drinking. Your never to old to take a break and have some simple fun. I actually highly recommend it everyone in a while. Dance in the rain. Jump on a trampoline. Color. Sing into a brush. Dance like no ones watching. Do something that will make you laugh.

I am a firm believer in laughter. Laughing makes things better. It makes the world seem less cruel. You can't take life to seriously, or you'll never be happy. I think people need to make time to relax and just have fun. Just because your an "adult" with responsibilities doesn't mean you have to act like you have a stick shoved up your butt. Whens the last time you did something stupid and reckless just because it made you happy? .............Just something to think about.

Yesterday I finished off The Titans Curse. The books are slowly getting better as they progress, but they are still, not my favorite. I also finished up 50 Shades of Better Sex. Now that was a good book. I found it easy to follow and  found it to be very real. The book isn't for everyone but if your have a bit of an adventurous side, I'd recommend it. I then read Cinderella by Jenni James. Its slightly different from the original but doesn't have many variations. I wasn't very impressed. It was an easy read though. And a great romantic short story.

Today I started The Velesi Trilogy by L. Filloon. Book 1 is titled The Drifting. I am about a quarter of the way through this book. So far I like it. It seems like its this new world, with elfs, orcs, mortals, and different types of magical beings. I'm digging that its a new world for me to discover and learn about. I will post more when I get further into the book.

Lastly, I joined a new community. Which I am pretty excited about . I joined the 20 Something Bloggers. I have already got some good feedback from people, and made a few friends. Its pretty great. Night peeps!

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