Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welp, no powerball win for me

Well hello all. As much as I wished it, I failed to win powerball last night. Thus I am still a broke college student. Bummer. On the bright side I can continue to spend all of my hard earned money on books that I just need to read. So, I couldn't sleep the other night. You know what that means people. I Read, Read, and umm ate then read some more. I finished Summer of Frost of the L.P. Dover forever fae stories. Now I have to sit and anxiously await the release of the next book. Then in the early morning hours I moved onto Beautiful Beast by Cindy C Bennett. When I finished that book and then still couldn't sleep I decided to read another Alyssa Rose Ivy book, since I adore her books so much. I started reading her Clayton falls books which starts off with Derailed. Now it was light outside but for some reason I still couldn't fall asleep so I decided to read the companion novel to the lonely, Lost Boy by Tara Brown. I fell asleep a little more than half way through the book. I a woke a few times and was not shocked that I actually dreamed about the characters from my book. You know your obsessed with characters when you dream about them lol. Is it bad that I was disappointed that it was only a dream? Do other people wish they lived in their books as much as I do?

Sometimes I think I belong in a book. I dream way to much. Maybe I would be further along in life if I didn't spend my time in the clouds dreaming. Sometimes I think the only people who get me, or who can relate to me are in the books that I read. Do other people feel the same way?

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