Wednesday, August 21, 2013

oops. sex. city.

BOO! Then end of summer is upon us and I have to say I hate it. Its not that I mind going back into the real world because I really don't. Its the weather changing that bothers me. I don't know why I live in New England, when I hate the weather. I mean I feel lucky that I grew up here as a child and got to experience all four seasons. Building a snowman in the winter and coming inside to drink hot cocoa. Racking up pretty colored leaves in the fall and jumping into the piles. Seeing all the flowers come up for the first time in the spring. And of course my favorite, enjoying the sun in the summer and going to the beach. I cannot imagine living somewhere and having never seen the ocean, or never experiencing a snowstorm. So in that aspect I am glad I grew up here. BUT why am I still here? I mean I know I have almost all of my family here, and I am in love with the sports teams. But sometimes I just feel like I should be living somewhere else.

I can go into total zombie/ world apocalypse mode and choose somewhere to move based on that. Such as: The West Coast would not be a good choice because its too close to Asia, the ocean, and fault lines in the earth. There can be  nuclear attacks, tsunamis, or earth quacks that could reek havoc on the entire west coast. The East Coast has sink hole problems, is very highly populated, has very cold winters, and could go completely under water. Many of the states along the east coast are prone to sink holes, whose to say that one day something wont set off a bunch of them and every one dies? It is also a high populated area, if anything were to happen it would be difficult to "bug out" of the area. Also if there was an epidemic it would spread faster on the east coast. Resources would be used up quicker because of all the people as well. If there is climate change there is a good chance according to researchers that the east coast could freeze like it did in the movie; The Day After Tomorrow. Also many people have predicted that the east coast would sink underwater in the future. So that rules out the east and west coast. Next I am going to cross off any state in the tornado valley area off the list. Just based on the fact that if there were an apocalypse, I'd have enough things to deal with, so I wouldn't want to have to worry about any damn tornadoes.  So Basically that leaves me with Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Now Wyoming is near the mountains but it also has yellow stone park, which could blow up because of old faithful. So I am going to cross that off the list, just to be safe. Also the southest part of South Dakota has a risk for earth quacks. Thus I think we should avoid there too. Minnesota has a few nuclear power plants, so I am going to cross that off the list as well. That leave us with North Dakota. I know it can get very cold there. So I would probably try to stay as south as possible and stick to the outskirts of the larger cities so I would have somewhere to get supplies. The only thing is, if the climate stays as it is now, the winters drop to 30 below sometimes. YIKES! But if it means survival, I am sure I would figure it out. Lots and lots of fire wood people.

Now see, to move based on apocalypse I would have to go somewhere even colder than where I am now. If I had my choice in the matter I would never pick to live there.(No offense if that's where you live, its just not my thing). I honestly have always wanted to live in some small town where every one knows everyone. I can see myself in Virgina, The Carolina's, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana. Now, I lived in Florida for a little while, but, I lived in Tampa. So it was still being in the city. I loved the weather there. I have been to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, but I know that its very touristy. I have been to Williamsburg in Virginia and to Virginia beach, but again I know those areas are full of tourist. And I have driven through Georgia, it seemed very pretty. Other than that I have never really been to any of these states. Everything I know about them I know from books, movies, tv, or school. If anyone has any pros or cons to living there let me know!

Wow all of that came from a simple "I don't want summer to end". Sorry Folks. HA. Well at least I stay true to the name of this blog. Because I certainly do ramble. 

Now I have made an ooopsie. In my last post I had mentioned how I has started the Velesi Trilogy by L. Filloon. When I originally looked up the series the website said that book one was The Drifting. Well they gave me the WRONG information. So I started reading The Drifting, then I went on to the The Whispering, then I realized hey wait that was the last book. I thought this was a trilogy, what happened to the third book? So when I went and did more research I realized I started on book number TWO. I am an idiot. I do not know how I did not realize this. I kind of thought that they just through you into the book a little bit, but I still picked up on everything really quick. Finding out I started on book number two was a bit of a shocker. So I bought book one which is called The Binding, but I haven't read it yet. Book two and Book three were great though. The books are not hard to read, but the story line is great. I really enjoyed them. Now I'll have to read book one as an after thought lol. whoops. To late now, so o well.

I realize I haven't posted in a while so this post is going to be longer than usual. I have read a good number of books because the summer is coming to a close. So after reading 50 shades of better sex I got all of these recommendations on Amazon and Goodreads for all of these sex books. So I figured what the hell. Its not like I don't enjoy these books, I would be lying if I said I didn't. So I decided to start off with a cheap one just to see how I liked it. I was not disappointed. I purchased The Dom of My Dreams by M. F. Sinclair. I LOVED it. Now this book was actually a story, where as 50 Shades of Better Sex was more of a informational book. It is about a girl name Majorie who lives in a nice chic town in Mass. She works for a small publishing company who is trying to land a big hot shot writer. David Seton picks Majorie out of all of the editors to court him for his new novel. When they meet to discuss the book Seton, makes Majorie an offer. She knows she should refuse, but deep down inside she wants it. I for one, loved the book, just when I thought I knew where it was going, it threw something at me and surprised me. I would give this book a nine of out ten.

I kept seeing all of these previews for these movies coming out that are based on books. Now many of these books I had planed on reading.....eventually. But I am one of those people who hates to have plots spoiled. I figured that these movies are probably going to get a lot of media attention, considering the conclusion of the harry potter, and  the twilight saga. So they basically pushed my hand. I decided to start the Mortal Instrument Series before it was to late. So book one is called City of Bones and it is by Cassandra Clare. I fell in love with this series after only reading one book. The book is about a girl name Clary and her best friend Simon. They go to this punkish/ gothic type of club one night and Clary has an odd experience. She notices a cute boy with blue hair and thinks about going to introduce herself, but then she notices him with another girl and she watches them slip into a back room. Shes is about to just blow it off but then she sees two guys with knives following the pair into the room. She points it out to Simon, but he doesn't see anything. Simon goes to alert the bouncers just in case. Clary decided not to wait and goes into the room to save the boy and girl. When she enters she sees the blue haired boy being tortured by the two men and girl. She tries to stop it but then is stopped when the group is surprised that she can see them. She quickly realizes that the blue hair boy is a demon. WTF. Clary doesn't know what to think or what to do. She is shocked. Simon shows up with the bouncers and it is just Clary alone in an empty room. The next day Clary sees one of the boys again and follows him outside of the coffee shop. She remembers him being the one they called Jace. She wants him to explain things to her. Mid conversation she gets a frantic call from her mother, screaming at her NOT to go home and to find her "uncle" Luke immediately. She is very stubborn and worried about her mother so she ignores her mothers pleas and takes off running to her house to figure out what the hell is going on. She doesn't realize it but Jace secretly follows her because he is worried and doesn't know what just happened. When she arrives home she knows something isn't right. Her mother is no where to be found, and the condo is a mess. Its then that Clary is attacked, and at the very moment is brought into a whole new world that she didn't even knew existed.   She manages to fight off her attacker but is hurt in the process. She awakes in Jace's arms and they try to flee from more attackers. This all happens in a matter of a couple chapters. The book just gets better and better from there. This is a book of discovery and bravery. I am so sucked in.

As soon as I finished this book, I needed to know more. So of course I went and purchased book two (even though it was 2am). Book two is City of Ashes. It is just as good as book one if not better! I would most defiantly recommend these books. Nine out of Ten! I finished this book the next day and again needed to hear more about Jace and Clary so I went on and got book number three which is The City of Glass. I only intended to finish book one immediately because of the movie release. But after reading just book one I am addicted. I have no doubt that I am going to fly through the whole series. I am currently on book three and have yet to finish, but as soon as I am done here, you can bet that's what I will be doing.

I am also currently reading The battle of the Labyrinth which is part of the Percy Jackson Series I had started. And I also started Flight or Flight by Jamie Canosa. And don't forget I still have to read book one of the Velesi Trilogy which is The Binding. So I have many things to read before back to college. Also to note: the next book in the After Glow Trilogy was released (I believe). So I will have to get that soon as well. So much to do, so little time. Oh AND fantasy football drafts start this week. So I am going to be a busy busy girl. Because I still haven't even factored in work. Pff work.

If you've read any of these books and are as addicted as I am let me know!!!

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